Welcome! We accept submissions of writing and visuals. We have one submissions process for pieces published online and/or in the printed magazine.

What do we look for in our submissions?

  • Bright, positive imagery. Cool, calm imagery. Everyday vibes. Not overly thematic or abstract (ex. an underwater photoshoot would not be a good fit).
  • Diverse representation of parents, parents-to-be, and babies.
  • Easy to skim written pieces, avoiding large sections of text. Easy to read articles, written with early high-school reading levels in mind. Inclusive language.

If you're a parent with a birth story to share, here's where!

If you're a birth worker, care provider, or professional with a story or education to offer, here's where!

Are you a photographer who works with a variety of families? Or an artist who enjoys creating images of parents and little ones?

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