Our Team

Cheyenne Varner
Founder + Executive Editor
Cheyenne Varner is a birth and postpartum doula and graphic designer in Richmond, VA. She created The Educated Birth, a collection of childbirth education materials for birth workers in 2016, when she couldn't find materials with representation of families of color. She has been learning, creating, and partnering with other  professionals to provide more inclusive and accessible health education materials ever since.
Porsha Eden
Associate Editor
Porsha Eden is a public health professional in maternal and child health. She has provided comprehensive case management, co-facilitated group prenatal care, and participated in research on issues across the spectrum of care. She is a certified Centering Pregnancy facilitator of the Centering Healthcare Institute, has received doula training from toLabor, and holds a Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health.

Founding Team

Those who contributed to create the first issue of Everyday Birth Magazine.
This wouldn't exist without each one of you. Thank you always. ☀️
Sarah Choi
Said “Let’s Make it Happen!”
Marketing Consultant and Mama to Max
“I love seeing a good idea become a reality. As a minority woman and a new mother, this cause spoke to me and I would love more of our voices heard.”
DeAudrea Rich
Photography’s Finest
From Tappahannock, VA. Graphic Design and Creative Advertising VCU grad.
“I hope my work embodies Shawn Theodore’s yearning to allow subjects who are all too often deemed invisible, not only visible, but relevant in a world where people of color are projected as unimportant and irrelevant.”
Virginia Strobach
The Doodle Girl
Self-taught illustrator with an academic background in developmental + educational psychology.
“When we see people that look like us doing something we have never seen someone like us do before, for the first time, we think, ‘If they can do it, so I can I.’”
Maria Oya X
Inclusivity Keeper
Maria is a light and shadow worker and afro-futurist that moves with the essence of sankofa and Gertrude Fraser.
“Reproductive liberation (and all forms of liberation) shouldn’t be something one can afford -- healing is interstellar, non-linear and mandatory FOR EVERYONE.”

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