Welcome! We are accepting submissions for interns.

Why intern with us? Magazines that address birth and parenting exist, but not like Everyday Birth Magazine. For one thing, few magazines are led and/or majority staffed by folks who are coming from a non-majority perspective. We work to center people of color and LGBTQIA+ folks, and more of the many identities marginalized in the mainstream media in language and imagery. We also work to actively and intentionally address the reality of finances in families’ decision-making.

What kinds of tasks will an intern do?

Communicating with various Everyday Birth audiences

Ex. Past contributors about upcoming contribution opportunities
Ex. Potential advertisers about advertising opportunities
Ex. Current subscribers about magazine updates
Ex. Potential subscribers about subscription opportunities

Collaborating with the editor to generate content ideas

for the online blog, the print magazine, and social media (Insta and FB)

Drafting/reviewing/publishing blog posts

based on past magazine content, new contributor submissions, and more

Designing and writing for social media

Evaluating the inclusivity, appropriateness, and relevance of content

to maintain alignment with magazine vision and mission

Ex. Helping to decide whether one topic is right for an upcoming feature vs another, or evaluating what folks to reach out to to request submissions from

Assisting with behind-the-scenes business admin work

Ex. Assisting with organizing excel sheets with order and/or customerinformation to support timely order fulfillment

What should an intern know?
It is significant to the mission and vision of the magazine and the quality of the work involved above that an Everyday Birth intern understand or be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Based on my own lived experience what do I know about what it’s like to be a part of a people group who is often unseen and/or not spoken to in mainstream media?

  • Am I not only interested in reproductive justice, but do I have a dedication to humility as someone growing and learning within this form of social justice work?

  • Am I committed to actively listening to others as they affirm and/or challenge my perspectives?

  • Am I committed to growing and learning in multi-faceted community?

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