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“I knew I wanted to have a natural birth after our honeymoon trip to Caye Caulker, a small island off the coast of Belize. We watched the locals live off the land, play with their infants in the ocean, and talked about their natural birthing experiences. Not even a month later we found out we were expecting. I called and did homework on several birthing centers. Personally knowing several moms that had given birth with Origins Birth and Wellness Dallas, I chose them.

My first appointment included a tour and medical history and as it went on I knew this was going to be the experience I hoped for. This was my third pregnancy but my first natural birth. With my first two I experienced extreme depression during pregnancy and tons of weight gain. With the education and care at Origins, I was able to maintain a healthy weight (under 20lb weight gain) and I was the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been pregnant or not. Every trimester they had a plan for me and my baby boy that involved healing and naturally helping my body and baby.

At 1 am on March 1st labor started. I slept until 9 am, then told my husband we should head to the birthing center since we lived 45 mins away. Upon arrival I was in so much pain and in tears but I was only dilated 2-3cm. My midwives suggested that my husband, doula and I go walk. It was a cool 48 degrees that morning but we managed to take two laps around the block. Once back inside I got in the tub, but my back labor was too much to handle. My doula Courtney became my very own superhero putting counter pressure on my hips. To help baby descend I labored on the toilet and boy does that work. That was so intense that after four contractions I rushed to the bed and got on all fours. After about an hour my midwife Megan could feel my son’s head just about crowning. I was told to try to push with the next contraction. I was scared the pushing would hurt more so I was reluctant. Much to my surprise pushing was a relief and eased my discomfort tremendously. I listened to my body and did not force my pushing and after about 45 mins to an hour my 10 lb, 21.5 inches long, super healthy and happy baby boy Devin Ray was here. My husband got to catch his son and hand him to me as I sat up on my knees to hold my baby boy for the first time. I didn’t tear and was able to connect with my baby on a level I wish I had with all of my children. After experiencing that level of pain you would think that I wouldn’t want to again but it’s just the opposite. It was so worth it.”

Marissa, 32
Dallas, TX

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