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Hospital Birth


"My wife and I knew we wanted a hospital birth because it’s where we felt safest. My goal was to give birth unmedicated, and we felt better about striving for that there.

At my 40 week appointment, my doctor told me I was thinned and effaced but not dilated at all. He ordered a stress test and ultrasound, which both came back perfect. He told me that if I made it through the weekend, I’d come back on Monday and we’d talk induction. He knew of my unmedicated goal and was very supportive which is why he hadn’t pushed induction before.

January 7th I was 40 weeks and 6 days and I started having contractions. I labored at home, overnight, from 8:45pm - 7am, using my breathing techniques and positions. At 7am, the doctor advised us to finally go to the hospital.

By the time we packed up, got there and checked in, it was around 8am. In triage, the nurse surprisingly informed us that I was 6cm dilated. I got to my room, walked around for a bit, leaned on my wife and rocked my hips to get through contractions.

Around 9am the nurse checked my cervix and said I was 9.5 cm, so they were going to call the doctor and get things ready. I couldn’t stand so I stayed lying in bed on my right side, continuing to work through contractions.

Around 9:30am my body just started pushing on its own, I honestly didn’t even know what was happening.  The nurse checked my cervix, I was at 10cm, and she told the doctor that I was fully dilated and already pushing so things kicked into high gear pretty quickly.

I remembered from the birthing class to keep breathing and work with my body.

I pushed with the contractions and curled over my body. We were really making progress until the doctor told me that my son was getting stuck and she was afraid he’d cause a tear. She told me she was going to do an episiotomy, which was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced — I actually screamed out. However, it worked like a charm. He continued to progress smoothly and after only 45 minutes of pushing our baby boy was in my arms.

I was so incredibly proud of myself for achieving my goal of giving birth unmedicated. It was the most empowering, difficult, exhausting, beautiful, strongest thing I’ve ever done. Looking down at Thatcher, I was over the moon in love, he was just perfect.”

Kelsey, 26
Cincinnati, OH

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