Spring/Summer 2019 Contributors

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Claudia Booker

Claudia Booker is credential as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and is committed to providing comprehensive birth services, following the Midwifery Model of Care, for the broad spectrum of families across the Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area. She is a midwife open to attending your birth in any setting and tailors her scope of practice, chosen birth setting and your needs to guide you in achieving your desired birth.

Website • http://www.birthinghands.net
Facebook • /birthinghandsmidwiferyservices
Instagram • @birthinghandsdc


Ashley Brown-Johnson

Parent, partner, maker, mover, and shaker. A birth and abortion doula, lactation consultant, activist and advocate making sure any outcome of pregnancy is seen, heard, and held if need be. Ashley is passionate about building community and systems outside of the white supremacist, patriarchal infrastructure to heal, teach and rejoice with one another.

Instagram • @the_do_you_doula


Keia and Jon Alexis

Keia and Jon live in Richmond, VA with their dog Kingston. Their first child is expected to arrive in April this year.

Instagram • @keiaalexis @jonalexis777


Kenya Fairley

Kenya Fairley is an advocate for women and has been a DONA Certified Birth Doula since 2014. She has supported many families to have positive and empowering birth experiences. Her work also has a focus on serving survivors of physical abuse and sexual violence; read her book on this topic, With Harp & Sword: A Doula’s Guide to Providing Trauma-Informed Birth Support.

Website • www.kenyathedoula.com
Facebook • /traumainformedbirthsupport 
Instagram • @kenyafairley


Shanille Bowens-Harris

Mom of six. Native of Chicago and the the founder of Naturally Nurtured Birth Services, a collaborative practice doula service dedicated advocacy, empowerment and minimizing birth related disparities. Avid breastfeeding supporter and a future IBCLC.

Website • www.naturallynurturedbirthservices.com
Facebook • /NaturallyNurturedBirth
Instagram • @simplyararity @Naturallynurturedbirth


Marissa Lowery

Marissa is a Microblading and PMU artist, salon owner, wife, and mother of three in Dallas, TX.

Website • www.browbarlux.com
Facebook • /1marissamakeup
Instagram • @Marissa_makeup


Kelsey Hughes

Kelsey is a lesbian, agnostic, mom and has been married to her wife for almost 7 years. I’m 28 and a daycare provider and amateur photographer. I love coffee and getting to know people who live different lives than I do..

Facebook • /PicturesbyKHughes
Instagram • @khughesphotography1


Tekara Gainey

Tekara Gainey is a queer-identifying, Black, reproductive justice advocate, birth worker, from Philadelphia PA. She fuses her background in anthropology and reproductive work to acknowledge and work to address the systems of oppression that impact availability and access to compassionate, non-judgmental, support to birthing persons and their families across the spectrum of their reproductive needs.

Website • www.blackmoondoula.com
Instagram • @blackmoondoula


Denise Bolds

Denise is a NYC native and a certified birth doula. She's also the host/producer of her successful internet radio show since 2009. Denise's passion is Maternal Health Disparities Awareness.

Website • www.BoldDoula.com
Facebook • /Bold-Doula
Instagram • @bolddoula


Aqiylah Collins

Website • www.qitowellness.com
Facebook • /QiToWellness
Instagram • @qitowellness


Hunter Rolfe Moore

Professional Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Childbirth Educator.

Website • themindfulbirth.com
Facebook • /themindfulbirth
Instagram • @themindfulbirth


Kaylani Christine Morrison

Kaylani is a mama of two toddlers, perinatal mood disorder specialist, lactation counselor, doula, advocate, and educator.

Website • bearingbirthandbeginnings.com
Instagram • @bearingbirthandbeginnings

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Camila Borja

Camila is a future student midwife, doula, and relentless fighter for the rights of their community. She was born and raised in Ecuador, but has been living in the U.S. since she was nine. She has dreams of bridging the two worlds she is from through reproductive care that is accessible and healing for folks who are often forgotten in that setting.

Instagram • @camila_borja


Simone Toomer

I am a Brooklyn based mom, birth and postpartum doula, lactation counselor, childbirth educator and birth justice advocate. I believe in birthing with autonomy, support and true informed consent.

Website • www.wisewombandoula.com
Facebook • /wisewombandoula
Instagram • @wisewombandoula


Taylor Huntley

Taylor Huntley is a Black millennial mother, a wife, a birthworker and a community advocate.

By day, she serves woman of color as a program coordinator at a reproductive justice nonprofit in Austin, TX and by night she is the creative founder of Mama Mangos Care, a platform that supports wellness and ancestral spiritual practices.

Her passions and lifework center around supporting women and their families, wholistically.

Website • www.mamamangoscare.com
Facebook • /mamamangos
Instagram • @mamamangos

Photography Contributors


Stephanie Cabrera

Stephanie is a photographer with her partner Kevin, through A Wandering Tribe. As a couple and parents we know how important memories are, and how fleeting they can be. Our style is very motion-filled and motion-inspired. 

Website • kevin-stephanie.com
Facebook • /awanderingtribe
Instagram • @rebornfromwithin


Heather Gallagher

Full spectrum family photographer and doula; holding space from birth to death.

Website • www.heathergallagherphotography.com
Facebook • /HeatherGallagherPhotography
Instagram • @heathergallagher.photography


Jackie Blanch


Claire Paul


Stacey Reid

Stacey is a documentary and lifestyle photographer and videographer in Cincinnati, Ohio specializing in birth and motherhood photography. She enjoys capturing real moments of human connection.

Website • www.cincybirthstories.com
Facebook • /cincybirthstories
Instagram • @cincybirthstories


April Davidson Bly

Special Needs Mama to 3, passionate about documenting life. Baltimore based but heart full of wanderlust.

Website • www.aprildavidsonblyphotography.com
Facebook • /adbphotog
Instagram • @aprilbly

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Cresta Kruger

Special Needs Mama to 3, passionate about documenting life. Baltimore based but heart full of wanderlust.

Website • www.belly-buddha.com
Facebook • /bellybuddhaphoto
Instagram • @crestakrugerphoto

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