Spring/Summer 2018 Contributors


Mars Lord

Award winning doula, Doula trainer and birth activist has a passion to colour in the landscape of birth and to see more birth workers of colour. A mother of five, including twins, she is determined in her pursuit of reproductive justice and seeing a narrowing of the disparities in maternal and neonatal morbidity amongst women of colour.

Website • www.abueladoulas.com • www.marslord.co.uk 
Facebook • /abueladoula • /MarsLordDoula
Instagram • @abueladoulas • @_marslord


Laurel Gourrier

As a special education teacher and doula, Laurel provides families with information and tools to help them feel empowered by their own birthing experiences, as well as an ally to birth inclusivity through a reproductive justice lens. The core value of uplifting autonomy is the root of Laurel's practice. 

Website • www.lgdoula.com
Facebook • /lgdoula
Instagram • @lgdoula


Kenya Fairley

Kenya Fairley is an advocate for women and has been a DONA Certified Birth Doula since 2014. She has supported many families to have positive and empowering birth experiences. Her work also has a focus on serving survivors of physical abuse and sexual violence; read her book on this topic, With Harp & Sword: A Doula’s Guide to Providing Trauma-Informed Birth Support.

Website • www.kenyathedoula.com
Facebook • /traumainformedbirthsupport 
Instagram • @kenyafairley


Barbara Verneus

Barbara Verneus is the founder of Tiny & Brave Holistic Services; student midwife, a blogger; maternal life coach; a trained Birth companion (doula), while being a single mother of one. She has a Masters in Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family, and a Graduate certificate from Boston University in Maternal and Infant Care in Public Health. She is a strong advocate in being an instrument of healing to women, mothers and mothers-to-be who have experienced trauma; while inspiring more Black and Brown women to enter the birth work field.

Website • www.tinyandbrave.com
Facebook • /tinyandbraveholisticservices
Instagram • @tinyandbrave


Tracie Brown

Tracie Brown, CNM is from Baltimore, MD where she gained invaluable nursing experience in critical care and high risk OB at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Eager to improve maternal health and safety she became a doula and dedicated her free time to birth work, women's health and education. Soon after,  she embarked on the journey to becoming a midwife and attended University of Cincinnati where she earned her Master's of Science in Nursing. She is currently working in Northeast DC at Family Health and Birth Center with an independent midwifery practice offering full scope well woman, pregnancy, postpartum and newborn care.

Instagram • @catchloveslay


Arley Arrington

Arley Arrington is a baker, blogger, and social activist in Richmond, VA. She hopes to expand her business, Arley Cakes, into a storefront bakery that empowers women from disenfranchised backgrounds. Ms. Arrington is a fan of ice cream, quirky super heroes, as Beyoncé, naturally.

Website • arleycakes.com
Facebook • /arley.cakes
Instagram • @arley.cakes


Nicole Rutledge

Nicole Rutledge is a Certified Interior Designer with over five years of commercial and residential design experience. Nicole takes inspiration from nature and is passionate about spaces feeling personalized and cozy, but also fresh and simple. She cherishes minimalism and surrounding yourself with only the things that make you the happiest.

Website • www.nicolerutledge.com
Facebook • /nicolerutledgedesign
Instagram • @nicolerutledgedesign

naima .jpg

Naima Bond, M.Ed.

Naima Bond, M.Ed. has been serving children and families for over 25 years in the area of early childhood and disabilities. She has recently shifted her focus to supporting mothers through the birthing process. She is currently working with Calmbirth and The Relievery for birth professionals trained in using birth and postpartum pressure points for wellness. Naima is certifying through Madriella for her birth and postpartum doula certifications. She resides in Atlanta, GA.

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M. Carmen Lane

M. Carmen Lane, MSOD (African-American, Mohawk, Tuscarora) is a two:spirit birthworker, end-of-life doula, poet and consultant. They are the founder and director of ATNSC: Center for Healing & Creative Leadership (www.atnsc.org) and owner at NTYR NGRO (www.ntyr-ngro.com). Carmen enjoys meditation, photography, being an aunty to their nephew and companion to their grandmother.

Website • www.lanecatalytics.com
Instagram • @m_crmnlne • @atnsc


Doula Q&A Doulas

Aisha Ralph.jpg

Aisha Ralph McDonald
Aisha Ralph is a birth and postpartum doula transplanted from Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean. Her philosophy is that birth can be empowering as well as life-changing and she supports the right of mothers to choose when and how they birth, She's been a birth worker for ten years and is an aspiring traditional midwife. She currently resides in Augusta, Georgia.


Dorota Jastrzebska
With many years of experience as a nanny, doula and itsy bitsy yoga instructor, Dorota is a postpartum doula and photographer who supports parents when they need guidance, a listening ear, or an extra set of hands and captures those beautiful, sometimes messy unstaged moments. A native of Poland, she now calls Richmond, VA “home” and loves supporting our diverse and increasingly progressive community! 

Website • www.dragonflyrva.com
Facebook • /DragonflyRVA
Instagram • @dragonflyrva

Alexis X

Photography Contributors


Jade Chiu

Jade Chiu is a 31 year old South Korean Transracial Adoptee, Christian, Wife, Mother, Doula, Photographer, Friend, and Activist living in North Carolina!

Website • www.jadechiuphotography.com
Facebook • /jadeyeonghee
Instagram • @jadeyeonghee


DeAudrea Rich

DeAudrea was born and raised in Tappahannock, Virginia and recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in December with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Science in Creative Advertising. 

Website • richmethods.work
Instagram • @richmethods

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