Fall/Winter 2019 Call for Submissions

Everyday Birth is looking for submissions for consideration for the Fall/Winter 2019 Issue and/or online publishing. We center stories and images from underrepresented groups (ex. POC, people who identify as LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, all body sizes, etc). We’ve got some ideas below, but seriously — you tell us what you want to share!

Birth Stories
Home Birth Stories
Birth Center Birth Stories
Hospital Birth Stories

Nominate a Care Provider
Do you have an OBGYN you’d like to nominate for excellent work?
Do you have a midwife you’d like to nominate for excellent work?
Issue #4 Highlight: Pelvic Floor Therapist
Do you have a Pelvic Floor Therapist you’d like to nominate for excellent work?

Educational Articles
On topics such as, but not limited to…
Baby wearing
Infant Feeding
Newborn Care
Birth Control
Sex + Relationships
Financial Planning
Mental Health

Labor Playlists
14-16 songs and a reflection on why you chose them.

        Smoothies, Teas, Meals, Snacks, Etc.

Personal Essays
We love receiving stories from folks whose experiences may help encourage and/or equip someone else on their own journey of starting a family, carrying a pregnancy, giving birth, and the postpartum period. Do you have one?

We also love receiving stories and reflections that help us to honor specific individuals and/or cultural traditions who/that have come before us and served us in these spaces. Do you have one?

Photography + Visuals
Submit photos, illustrations, and more!

Other: Pitch Your Story!
If you have an idea that doesn’t fit into the above, pitch it to us!


What does it mean to be a contributor to a magazine created for folks from so many life experiences?

If you are a person with a story to tell, knowledge to share, or inspiration for others, then you can be a contributor to Everyday Birth Magazine. As a magazine that centers the experiences of those who are often left out, we do ask folks to consider these questions:

Do I know from lived experience what it’s like to be a part of a people group who is often unseen and/or not spoken to in mainstream media? How may this experience/lack of experience effect what I’m sharing?

Do I know someone else who has a story to share, or knowledge to impart, who might enjoy this space to do so?

Am I not only interested in reproductive justice, but do I have a dedication to humility as someone growing and learning within this form of social justice work? Am I committed to actively listening to others as they affirm and/or challenge my perspectives? Am I committed to growing and learning in multi-faceted community?