Dancing During Pregnancy Is Beautiful and Powerful

PHOTO from  @joiechavis

PHOTO from @joiechavis

Today's post is absolutely 100% inspired by this article posted on Rewire yesterday: "Twerking While Pregnant: Joie Chavis Is Not Going to ‘Shake That Baby Out’"

The article addresses a controversy over choreographer Joie Chavis's recent video, showing her dancing with joy and excellence while pregnant. Some folks weren't happy, though. Commenters called the image of a pregnant woman dancing "gross," and chastised her for putting her unborn child at some sort of risk.

Writer Brandi Collins-Calhoun:

"But don’t get it twisted. Just because Chavis is dropping it in the video, she’s not hurting her pregnancy. She’s celebrating it and taking control of her image. That’s not negligence, but a revolutionary act of claiming her fitness, her body, and her pregnancy without fear."

Black folks, and people of of color generally, have to deal with a lot of obstacles throughout our lives and pregnancy — negative messages surrounding pregnancy itself included. Pregnant person, what brings you joy, what feeds your passion, what makes you feel alive and well? Let no one steal your joy! Live your life as you make new life! Dance if you want to dance! 

Let's celebrate this with a few videos, starting with the one by Joie Chavis herself.

In My Feelings Choreography - Joie Chavis

16 Shots Feat. Mom Crew & Kids

Watch This Woman Pole Dance While Pregnant

Portia of Belly Motions dances at 9 months pregnant!