7 Black Babywearing Week Instagram Posts We Looove

It's Black Babywearing Week! To celebrate we're doing a quick roundup of some 😍😍😍-worthy Instagram posts showcasing Black parents from all over doing babywearing like the beautiful bosses they are.

1. The One with the Umbrella
Do I spy matching outfits between this parent and child too???


2. The One with the Demonstration
Watch this parent show you one of the many ways it's done!


3. The One with the Shoulder
What a sweet and soft picture. You can almost feel the oxytocin flowing just by looking at it!


4. The One that Reflects on the Experience
"As a Black Muslim Woman who wears a hijab I often find myself in a double minority and frequently deviating from the script that society has dealt me. One of those "deviations" in my experience has been babywearing, though it's a practice as old as time itself and commonplace in Somalia, where my family are from. Representation matters: We are out there and we are bossing it!"


5. The One with Two Identical Twins
These brothers babywearing are identical twins, and the identical twins being worn are one brother's daughters!


#BlackBabywearingWeek2018 #BlackBabywearingInAfrica -Our Stories . . . With Father's Day coming up this weekend, the first story of a black babywearer in Africa just had to be a dad. Traditionally, it is mainly women who carry children. It's amazing to see how things are changing and the growing community of babywearing dads . . . . Let me introduce you to Eposhe Paul Ithete on the right. He is pictured here with his twin brother and they are each carrying one of his twin girls. Eposhe and his family have been living in Namibia since 2017. He was born in Angola by Namibian parents. He grew up in various places but spent most of his formative years in Zambia and from there moved to Canada. He lived in the US from 2009 until 2017. He met his gorgeous wife, Arielle in 2010 while living in the US. They were married later that year. They had their son, Leo, in 2014 and their twin girls in 2016. Here is his story.. . . . . 'We currently live in Windhoek, Namibia. I stay at home with the girls. I play with them, read books and try to teach them colours and objects. I spent a short time in Angola. I have no memories of it as I spent most of my formative years in Zambia. I saw a lot traditional wearing when I was growing up. My mom says that she wore us often and that it was called "odhikwa". I belong to the Owanbo tribe . . . . All my babywearing experience comes from wearing Leo. I'm not familiar with any traditional babywearing techniques. My favorite way of wearing is on the front because I can see them and talk to them. I prefer using a woven wrap, it is my favorite hands down . A part of me misses it. I also like the onbuhimo that allows me to carry Leo like a back pack.' . . . . Thank you Eposhe for sharing your babywearing story with us. You're an inspiring dad. . . . [ image description: image of a two bearded black men, identical twins, each wearing one of curly-haired identical twin girls in a woven wrap on their fronts. The baby on the left is worn in a deep navy blue woven wrap with grey brush strokes. The baby on the right is worn in a navy blue and white woven with sail boats. ] . . . Photocredit: @ariellepink Wraps: @bijoubabywearing

6. The One with Breastfeeding Too
Just the type of multitasking this was meant for!


7. The One with Dancing
Also just the type of multitasking this was meant for!