Because Representation Matters, We Make Our Own

Photo from  my mama wears timbs

People are tired of not seeing themselves, or folks with similar experiences, or senses of style, reflected in the spaces they live in and walk through. That's more and more clear each day because the images available to us are changing! Here are some folks out there doing the work to expand the way we see ourselves and the people around us. Inspired yet?


I Couldn’t Find Any Disability Maternity Photos, So I Made My Own


There aren't a ton of one-legged people out there, true, but it wasn’t just that I didn’t see any amputees in maternity photos — I didn’t see any kind of disability. At all. Or really any other body differences. It turns out maternity photo shoots, like the rest of the depictions of women readily available, abound with thin, white bodies. And there’s nothing wrong with those beautiful bodies, but they don’t look like mine.

We all know the power of representation — how important it is to see ourselves in order to aspire. And I wanted to know that it’s possible; that other woman have done this before.

This: being pregnant. Being a parent.

Portraits of Mestiza in Mexico, as They Wish to Be Seen

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“I want to show us as we are from the inside, from the point of view of an equal, and give us a voice,” Ms. Fabian said. “Indigenous groups of the world have been under the lens of foreigners who do not really understand them or try to be part of the community. My goal is to force our connections and relationships to have a strong loud voice.”

She could have chosen families, or focused on indigenous ceremonies to make her point. But in a culture — like most — where men rule, demonstrating the strength and beauty of Mestizas, indigenous-Spanish females, through seemed to make the most sense.

“Over history, women in the world suffer discrimination,” Ms. Fabian said. “In Mexico, being a woman and also looking indigenous puts us in a very vulnerable position. ‘Mestiza’ is a photo project to give a voice and image to the minorities, who are my people.”

My Mama Wears Timbs: A Short Documentary on Motherhood & Masculinity

"My Mama Wears Timbs" is a short documenary about a pregnant masculine-of-center woman reflects on her identity as she takes her first ever maternity photos. My Mama Wears Timbs is a short film by Ari Fitz featuring Frankie Smith.