9 Instagram Posts That Will Give You Heart-Eyes

This post is here for one reason and one reason only: to sprinkle your day with unbelievable cuteness, with all credit to the amazing parents and photographers of Instagram who've given the world these baby photos to adore. Thank you and you are welcome, cause the next few minutes of your online life are about to be like: 😍😍😍

1. The One with the Penguins
Between the little mitten, the little penguins and the sweet little face, I just can't. Too cute.


2. The One with the King
How can you not smile when you see that smile? This little guy has the most joyful, peaceful vibe and I'm here for it!


3. The One with the Fist
This little one just looks like they're about to so sweetly say, "Power to the people!" to me!


4. The One with the Sink
Now this is just too *stinkin* cute! 😂See what I did there?


5. The One with the Bow
The snuggle is real and this child is killing me with those eyes and that bow and those curls!!


6. The One with the Bunnies, Fox, and Elephant
My goodness. That face and those little toes poking out of the nightgown. I'm a broken record but I don't care, so cute.


7. The One with the Fox
Little one looking real comfy with his hat and his new friend!


8. The One with the Yawn
If this isn't me every morning... except way less cute than this. A photogenic yawn is no small accomplishment!


9. The One with the Cloth Diapers
Just a few months old and already styling with the floral cloth diaper and the headscarf! Yes, child!