4 Videos of Hospital, Birth Center, and Home Birth by Parents of Color

photo by  jade chiu

photo by jade chiu

Been online looking at birth videos lately? We don't blame you. You're pregnant and you really want to know what birth looks like, so you pop over to Youtube to do some research! That's all well and fine. Just remember, watching birth videos only really gives you an idea of what someone else's experience was like. Your birth will be your birth, and no one else's can tell you what it's going to be like for you. Even your own birth video of the past won't give you a clue about what your next birth will be like. All that said, happy watching! Here are some birth-positive videos by parents of color to start off your next birth video binge.

La Guardia Cross | Hospital Birth
Starting with the car ride to the hospital, father and vlogger La Guardia Cross films his and his wife Leah's journey to meeting their daughter in this c-section birth. Leah reflects on her story with depression and what it means to her to bring a second child into the world.

Beleaf in Fatherhood | Home Birth
Father and vlogger Beleaf guides those watching in what to do while your partner is in labor with his narration of his wife, Mrs. Melanin's home birth of their third child, and only daughter. You can read her reflections on this time as well here.

Amanda's Birth Video | Birth Center Birth
With soft acoustic music playing soulfully in the background, watch this family's peaceful water birth journey unfold at their birth center. Curious about what it looks like to have both parents in a birth tub or one catching the baby? This video is for you.

Domo and Crissy Vlogs | Hospital Birth
Domo and Crissy flashback on their pregnancy journey — the call that let Domo know she was pregnant and the moment she told Crissy — and then jump into the day of birth. Domo talks about the sleep she got before her planned induction, and Crissy gets video of Domo moving through labor and through their c-section birth.